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  • My main profile can be found here

  • Associate Professor of International Business at Surrey University, UK

  • Affiliated Fellow of Centre for International Business and Development, Sussex University, UK

  • Affiliated Fellow of The Africa-Asia Sustainability Research Centre, University of Aberdeen, UK

  • Co-Chair of Academy of International Business Sustainability Shared Interest Group

  • Associate Editor of Asian Business and Management Journal & European Journal of International Management

  • Speaker at United Nations' World Investment Forum 2021 & United Nations and AIB Joint Webinar

My current research focuses on innovation and knowledge management of MNEs in and from emerging economies, as well as sustainable development implications.


I am particularly interested in the following topics:

- knowledge creation in emerging economies

- impact on peripheral subnational regions

- knowledge linkages with local firm, government, and institutions

R&D internationalization to the south: A historical case study of a pharmaceutical corporation in China 
published, 2019, online, 
Asia Pacific Journal of Management
R&D internationalization to the developing Asia
published, 2020, online,
Asia Pacific Journal of Management


R&D internationalization in small peripheral emerging economies
work in progress


Journal of Critical Perspectives on International Business

Special Issue:

Do MNEs contribute to, or reduce inequality? 

Guest editor


Asian Business & Management

Associate Editor


European Journal of International Management 

Senior editor

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